Video - You don’t have to be a Hollywood Producer to succeed with video for business!

Webinar Programme

The “Video Marketing” webinar provides an introduction to the use of video to assist in the promotion of your business. It will provide an insight into how simple videos can be used in social media to increase engagement and should be an essential component in your website.

The session will highlight that you don’t require expensive equipment to have effective video material; will cover basic video skills; and introduce simple editing techniques to enhance your video content.

The webinar will be delivered via Zoom and will consist of a mixture of direct delivery and discussion. 

This webinar is aimed at businesses, business owners and/or business association representatives who have a basic awareness of search engine rankings but would want to understand it in a some more detail.

The webinar will run for two hours but will be scheduled on 3 separate occasions to permit a degree of flexibility for attendees. The session will be repeated on at least 3 occasions, at different times in the day [morning, afternoon & evening], to facilitate attendance at your convenience and to permit different team members from smaller businesses to attend. 

Webinar topic

  • This introductory session will cover the basics of how to use video to enhance your online content. It will cover the use of basic equipment; the fundamentals of video content; and simple editing techniques.

Webinar schedule

Full details of the training schedule will be issued once it’s finalised. The initial training programme has been completed but it is envisaged that a further programme will be scheduled in February 2022.

If you would like advanced notice on the likely dates; would like to register your interest; or have any other questions please feel free to get in touch using the form below.

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This project, managed by Aberdeenshire Council, has been funded as part of the ‘Scotland Loves Local Fund’ to support Aberdeenshire town centres. The Fund aims to empower communities by enabling local delivery of projects and giving them support and guidance to help them achieve aims important to them. The fund encourages communities to ‘love local’, recognise the importance of their local areas, and actively engage in and develop them.

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